Victoria Parents Association (VPA)

A thriving collaboration between a school and its parents is absolutely essential in ensuring an effective education for the child. The aim of the Victoria Parents Association is to have parental representatives who are well informed, able to have direct contact and influence, promote the school and fulfil the role of “critical friend”.

Being a “critical friend” means that the VPA Representative promotes the school publicly and is a positive and supportive representative on the community and amongst the parental body. They are also be tasked with positively challenging the school and analyzing plans and developments of the SLT,  in addition to creating an appropriate channel for parental concerns.

Each VPA position is filled by an individual with qualifications, experience or interest in the specified area.

The VPA meets independently and also with the Headteacher and leadership Team on a regular basis. They also organize information and coffee mornings so that parents can meet the teachers and Leadership Team and to really get involved in detailed discussion.

The VPA also helps to run the annual Victoria Fete, a huge whole school event, which raises funds for school improvement.