Student Life


Grade 12 Students have the opportunity to apply to be a VES School Prefect. During this process a Head Student and Assistant Head Student will be appointed. Students will apply for one of the prefect portfolios and will require references from teachers as part of the application process.

Prefect Portfolios:

  • Student Welfare & School Spirit
  • Houses
  • Global Citizenship & Service
  • Student Leadership
  • Arts
  • Sport


All students and teachers will be allocated to one of four houses – London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff. The house shield will be awarded to the House that has the most points from a combination of the Athletics Carnival, Battle of the Bands, and other house activities as well as the VES Merit ​Points.

House Captains are elected from Grades 10 & 11 and work closely with the Staff House Coordinator and House Prefects. Captains are responsible for promoting house spirit, designating a house charity and ensuring maximum participation in all events by all students. They also encourage students to attain ​merit​ points that contribute towards the house shield.


VES Endeavour Achievement Award

This award recognises those students whose grades have improved in three or more subjects at the end of the academic year. It also recognizes those students whose grades improve significantly on the VES Student Academic Tracking System.

VES Academic Honor Roll

All Secondary students are strongly encouraged to strive to achieve the Secondary High Honour Roll and Honour Roll. This recognition is awarded at the end of each term

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

The International Award is an exciting worldwide self-development programme for all young people aged between 14 and 25. It equips them with life-skills, builds their confidence and engages them with their local communities. To date, more than six million young people from over 125 countries have undertaken a variety of voluntary and challenging activities through the programme. The Award has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold, each of which takes an increasing commitment of time to achieve. Achievement in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, especially the Silver and Gold Awards, has been recognised by many employers and universities when choosing applicants.

The Award is offered to students from Grade 9 and above (aged 14 and over).

Participants set themselves challenging personal goals in four different sections:

  • Service
  • Skills
  • Physical Recreation
  • Adventurous Journey

Throughout the programme, participants can either develop existing interests or try something new. The Award is not a competition; it is based on personal improvement and achievement. Once participants have set their goals, striven to achieve them and shown improvement, they will achieve their Award.

The first three sections can be completed through school or non-school based activities provided that detailed logs are kept and then authenticated by a responsible adult leader.

The Adventurous Journey training expeditions and actual expeditions are supervised by the school and completed in teams. The key elements are teamwork in planning and execution, against the background of the real challenges posed by an unfamiliar environment which should be challenging but within the team’s capabilities.

Benefits of the Adventurous Journey

  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Enhancing leadership skills
  • Improving organisational ability and attention to detail
  • Learning to make real decisions and accept real consequences
  • Achievement and satisfaction by overcoming challenges
  • Developing self-reliance.
  • Experiencing and appreciating the outdoors
  • Gaining knowledge and skills to journey safely
  • Improving their research and presentation skills
  • Enjoyment. For further information