Admission Policy

Victoria English School welcomes applications from students around the world. We offer the academic rigour and excellence of a British education, along with the friendly caring ethos of a small family orientated school. The school’s popularity within the community means that demand for places can be high and there are currently waiting lists in a number of year groups. However, we are always pleased to meet parents and discuss the admissions process for children wishing to join VES.

Procedure for New Applications are as follows:

  • The window date for new applications will be posted on the website. If you are unsure, please contact the school and we will confirm dates with you.
  • All children are required to take our assessment test and passing this is one of the criteria for acceptance.
  • Assessment applications can be found online on our website. Any required documentation must be submitted by the dates published on the form, along with the Fees for the assessment.
  • You will be contacted by our Administration team with an appointment time and date for the assessment.
  • After confirmation of your child’s acceptance you are required to complete a registration form and submit it to the Accounts Department. Fees payment and any additional documentation required must also be submitted at this time. This must be completed within 5 working days of acceptance.