Victoria English Nursery

About Us

Victoria English Nursery was founded in April 1997 in response to demand from parents and carers in Sharjah and the surrounding Emirates. Our reputation as a high quality learning institution with high standards of discipline is well known in the local community. 

Our Motto

“Be the Best You Can Be!”

  • We take pride in delivering quality education.
  • We provide a warm, safe, friendly environment where the children thrive.
  • Our children learn mutual respect.
  • We provide the children with skills for life.
  • We focus on individual achievement.
  • We expect high standards of conduct from all.
  • We value regular communication with parents.
  • We encourage all children to strive for their best.
  • Our children develop skills to become independent of their teachers/carers. 
  • The children become independent learners with the skills and outlook to succeed in FS1, school and today’s ever changing World.
  • We believe success should be celebrated.
  • We are proud of even the smallest achievement/success.
  • Our balance of play, academic work and interesting activities means all children can achieve success.
VEN Staff

At Victoria English Nursery we have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced staff. They are responsible for the children in all of the Groups.

The Staff are all Expatriate, they are either appointed on overseas contract or local hire.

The Head of the Nursery is responsible for the day to day management and is the key contact for all parent’s enquiries and is assisted by a Curriculum Co-ordinator.


VES and VEN administration consists of The Director of Admin. & Finance, PA to the Director, the Principle’s Secretary, an Arabic Secretary (who deals with all matters relating to Ministry of Education and Visas), two Accountants a Maintenance Supervisor and a Receptionist. There are general assistants and cleaners who perform a range of duties such as helpers, drivers, classroom assistants, Admin. assistants, cleaning and security. There are also three nurses, one at the Nursery and two at the main school.

Nursery Hours

The Nursery is open: Sunday to Thursday 7:30am – 4pm

Please see our fee section below to know more about our special daycare packages that we offer.

Arrival Time

All children should be in the Nursery before 9am.

Late Pick Up

Ensure you pick up the children on time. If you have an emergency situation which may make you late, please ring the Nursery and keep us informed as the children become concerned when they are left. 

In addition if you are sending someone to collect your child on your behalf, please telephone the Nursery and give their full details.


Please ensure we can always reach you by keeping us updated if you change your telephone/mobile number or email address.


The Nursery calendar is the same as the Schools; we take the same breaks/holidays etc.


The calendar for the academic year is published well in advance and is available on the website and communicator. 


If your child is unwell, or will be absent from Nursery for any reason, parents should inform the Nursery early in the morning. Parents will be contacted by the Nursery for any child absent for three days without notification.

Children should attend Nursery regularly as non- attendance may result in your child being unable to meet the requirements to move up to FS1.


The Nursery does not have a uniform however, we do have a compulsory pack of polo shirts in each of our Groups and colour day’s colours. This can be ordered direct from the Nursery. We recommend your child wears comfortable clothing which allows them to enjoy the various activities in the Nursery e.g. climbing up the climbing frame/slides, riding bicycles and playing in the sand.

Jewellery – necklaces or chains, rings and bracelets are not permitted. Girls may wear one pair of stud earrings only.

Nursery Equipment and Bags

Children only require their lunch box on a daily basis. For safety reasons we do not permit any bags with wheels or trolley bags in the Nursery. 

The Nursery provides a personal “Peg Bag” to keep wipes etc and changes of clothes inside.

All items of stationery and craft materials for everyday use are provided by the Nursery. However, in the event of any willful damage or destruction of Nursery property a replacement charge will be made.

Break Time

There is one snack time in the morning. The children are fully supervised whilst they are eating and are helped to open their boxes and juices etc.

Water is readily available to the children and we have several water breaks during the morning especially in the hot weather.

Healthy Eating

At Victoria English Nursery we promote healthy eating. We believe that good habits learned early will benefit the children throughout their life. Please provide your child with a nourishing, healthy snack and ensure any drink is in an unbreakable container. Children may come home with uneaten food in their lunch box although we do encourage them to finish the food provided. Carbonated drinks such as cola, cakes/doughnuts, chocolate (including spread), chewing gum, hot dog sausages, sweets, eggs (cooked any way) and nuts are not permitted at Nursery.

Health Information

Nursery Nurse. We have a fully qualified and MOH registered Nurse who works full time in the Nursery. Children who become ill or need first aid during the day will be taken to the clinic for attention.

Minor injuries will be treated by the nurse and basic first aid given. Nothing is administered orally without consent from the parents.

If your child has been treated in the clinic, you will receive written notification of the treatment given.

The nurse will always telephone parents if a child requires further medical treatment or is too unwell to remain in the Nursery.

In addition you will always receive a letter from the nurse giving details of any childhood ailments that are in the Nursery. This letter will give symptoms and most importantly the Nursery protocol to be followed i.e. the number of days a child must remain absent from the Nursery (list attached). These guidelines have been laid out by the Ministry of Health. If you are in any doubt or have any queries please contact the Nursery.

Medical Check Ups. The Department of Health recommend that all children in the Nursery have regular general medical examinations. The Nursery’s doctor visits regularly and parents will be informed by letter of any treatment necessary following his visit.

A copy of your child’s immunization record is required to be submitted to the Nursery as part of the admissions procedure along with the signed Dr’s permission slip (in the Appendix).                   

Medical Records. The Nursery nurse maintains medical records for every child and requests parental help in keeping these records up to date. Please inform the Nursery in writing of any changes to your child’s medical condition e.g. if he/she develops an allergy or if your child has any boosters or new vaccinations.

Assessment and Reporting to Parents

Children at Victoria English Nursery are continually assessed by their Group teachers in order to track their progress. You will receive a written monthly assessment sheet and a more in depth report at the end of the year.

We are more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child’s progress or personal development, either by telephone or in person. Please telephone the Nursery to make an appointment.


The Nursery does not have its own fleet of buses. Instead we are provided with a comprehensive bus service from the main school. It covers Sharjah and some parts of Ajman. To maintain the best possible, most efficient service, we would like to provide you with the following information regarding procedures on the buses.

* A bus contact form with location map must be submitted at the time of Registration.    

 * Bus fees must be paid in advance once your child’s place has been confirmed to you.

* In some areas buses are not a door to door service and are instead on a pick up point basis.

* If you change your location after the bus seats have been allocated your child may not automatically be able to travel on an alternative bus, as it may be full.

* An appropriate pick up time and drop off time will be provided to you (by the school) along with the bus number and name of the driver.

* The bus staff will not wait for your child if you are running late. If you are not at the required location on time, you will have to make alternative arrangements.

* A responsible adult must wait with the child at the pick up location and be on time at drop off in the afternoon.

Field Trips and Outings

Once in a month the Nursery goes out on a trip for the whole morning or just a few hours. You will be advised well in advance by letter attaching a permission slip for you to complete and return. Normally we take the children on trips Group by Group, but occasionally the entire Nursery will go out together. You will be informed in writing. However, during the academic year there may be occasions when the children will be taken by bus to the main school e.g. to visit FS1

Moving to FS1

As previously advised, ALL Nursery children must take and pass an assessment at the main school to be offered a FS1 place. And have completed the academic year in the Nursery with all fees paid in full.
Children of the Nursery take priority for the FS1 assessments. 

N.B. The decision of the school is final and absolute.

Breeze (Communication Application)

The Nursery and School uses the Breeze system to communicate with parents. You will be issued with a user name and password at the beginning of the academic year.

The entire academic year’s activities, events and holidays are displayed. 

Messages will be also added regarding the buses, in the event of an emergency, inclement weather or Nursery closure.

Breeze can be downloaded onto your iOS and android mobiles, ipads, tablets and your PC’s. 


AED 1,000 (A one-time non refundable payment for Registration and Administration
+ medical fee).

Package 1:

8:00 am – 12:00 pm:


Package 2:

8:00 am – 14:00:

AED 16,000

Package 3:

8:00 a – 16:00:

AED 18,000

Late pick up Policy:

First 15 minutes are free, thereafter AED50 per 15 minutes paid in cash on the same day.

N.B. These fees do not include Bus fees.