Headteacher’s Newsletter 5th Dec 2020

Good Afternoon VES Parents

This week has, predictably, gone even faster than usual – so many of you will be pleased that I have less to write about! I hope you all enjoyed the extended weekend and I know many took the time to have a mini break in addition to getting ready for the last few days of term. A key focus this week has been to try and get the students as focused and settled as possible as exams still continue. Please can we remind parents not to send their students to school when they are clearly unwell. Again, this morning, we had some serious illness in an exam and it places the health of others at risk.

With the exams in mind, we are already looking ahead to planning for the Summer and how we can improve the process. This is my first exam season at VES so I have been introduced to some new and different ideas about preparation and execution; some that I like and work well – and some that will be changing. But that will be for after the break.

Another change that will be coming after the break, at the end of January, will be a change to the discipline system in school. Mr Keyes has been working hard on the changes and we wil be introducing them to staff, students and parents at the end of January/ start of February for the second half of the year.

In school, in addition to next week being the final week of exams, it will also be International Day and the Sixth Form have been busy organising the days events, with it’s usual parade, assembly and food stalls. Unfortuntely, due to restrictions, we cannot allow parents to attend, sorry about that. Thanks in advance for all of your support and hardwork in helping the students to prepare their food and costumes for what will be a nice end to the term.

Finally in assembly this week we have taken the time to recognise our amazing sportsmen and women. With thanks to Mr Marius, Ms Selwan and Ms Hend we were able to present certificates to victorious Swimming and Netball teams in addition to presenting certificates to other students who have shown the right sort of committment and dedication required when representing VES in competition. I am sure you all share my view that things such as this are as important to a full and well rounded education as anything else.

Have a lovely, restful, weekend.

Keith Sykes