Headteacher’s Newsletter 12th Dec 2019

Good Afternoon VES Parents

Today in school was the International Day. I would like to begin by placing on record the enormous thanks of the whole school community to the Sixth Form students, lead by Saud and Saron, for everything they accomplished. It was a remarkeable day of parades, sports, games, performances and food from all over the world. It is one of the joys of international education to see youngsters given the opportunity to celebrate and share their heritage. To see students sampling food and learning language from each other, playing football together and really cheering and supporting each other in their performances is the perfect antedote to the negativity and rising anti-internationalist tide that exists in the world outside at the moment.

When we return, on January 5th, Grades 11, 12 and 13 will be ready for their exams to start the week after. The Grade 12/13 Exam schedule is available on Breeze. Students should bring all of their revision notes and activities in after the break so that staff can check it all out. Also in the new year we will be talking to the 6th Form about the possibility of visiting Hospital 57357 in Egypt to continue to cement our support and links with them.

After the break we will also welcome some extra new staff into school in Maths, Science, Humanities, Social and Moral, English and Early Years. This will really help us to ensure we can provide the great education our students deserve. It also means, sadly that we say farewell to some departing colleagues, Mr Pounds, Mr Rudic and Mr Laudisio – we thank you all for your hard work and committment, wish you all the best and we will always keep a warm welcome waiting for you here.

In January we will also be altering the delivery of Science in the earky years of Key Stage Three to try and improve and deepen understanding. Also in January we will be starting the new build for the school, opening the next chapter for VES. It will be an exciting venture but one that will continue to see the school develop and flourish in a genuinely world-class facility.

May I personally thank everyone for their hard work support in my first term here, and I would like to say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year“ to you all.

Have a lovely, restful, vacation.

Keith Sykes